The Carestream e-Service Portal: Developed in Europe. Now available in the U.S.

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The Carestream e-Service Portal: Developed in Europe. Now available in the U.S.

After years of successful operation in Europe and Latin America, the Carestream e-Service Portal has been implemented in the U.S. for service requests.


The Carestream e-Service Portal is designed to make reporting a service issue easier and more convenient. It also provides you with a record of the event and a way of tracking response to your issue. Of course, you are always welcome to report your service issues by phone or web if you prefer.

Before releasing the portal to general use in the U.S., we thought it a good idea to preview the portal with a few U.S. customers who agreed to serve as a U.S. pilot site. We enlisted the help of Rochester General Hospital in Rochester, N.Y.; Winthrop University Hospital in Long Island, N.Y.; and Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, MD.  Rick Perez, Administrative Director of Winthrop, told us, “The portal is easy to use and navigate.”  Chuck O’Brien, RIS/PACS Systems Manager at Rochester General, said, “Opening a case on the portal is much easier than using an online form.” And Holy Cross PACS administrator Jim Travitz made the point that “It is much better to be able to supply case information in our own words rather than have them translated by a third party over the phone.“

The e-Service portal makes it easy to keep track of your service issues at a glance.

The Carestream e-Service Portal was originally developed by Carestream in Europe, and has been operating successfully there for five years. Annamaria Bianchi is the Carestream Worldwide Senior Program Manager most familiar with its implementation. “In Europe we have made this tool available to customers—and we have left it up to them to decide when and how they will use it. Our portal supports French, Dutch, and Italian languages as well as English. Some customers still prefer to call us to talk about their issues; others like to write down their issues.

In Europe the portal has been primarily used as an alternate way to communicate about an issue. But users also appreciate the message trail that the portal provides. In the US, the portal will become the go-to way to open non-critical service issues. A customer can report on an issue, leave notes they deem relevant, and read disposition discussion as the issue is addressed. In the case where there are several users at a customer site, the PACS administrator can see the history of the steps that are being taken to remedy the problem. The portal can include comments from engineering, from the service technician, and from other users as they deal with an issue.

In the worldwide implementation of the e-Service portal, a user’s comment on the portal has on occasion led to a suggestion for a product modification or improvement. When this type of idea is implemented, often all our customers can benefit from it. We expect similar results from the deployment in the U.S. 

We recently sent an email to all HCIS customers in the U.S. to encourage you to register on the e-Service portal. If you did not receive the email, your Carestream service representative can provide information about how to register on the portal. To sign up for the e-Service portal is easy, and using it is intuitive.  When you try it out we'd appreciate your comments here on VIBE.


View this VIBE webinar for more information on how to use the portal.

Or directly access the portal to register for an account or log into an existing account here


 Your Carestream e-Service experts:

Annamaria Bianchi, Carestream Worldwide Senior Program Manager 

Annamaria has been with Carestream for 12 years as a project manager and currently as a senior program manager. Prior to joining Carestream, she held various positions as a production manager, process engineer, and consultant. She holds an engineering degree from the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Annamaria was born on Christmas Eve.


Ken Stewart, Commercialization Program Manager at Carestream

Ken has been with Carestream for 5 years as the Commercialization Program Manager within the US HCIS Release Management and Knowledge Services team.  Prior to joining Carestream, Ken served several years as a project manager deploying PACS projects primarily to Department of Defense locations throughout the South Eastern Region of the United States.

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