Carestream’s Clinical Collaboration Platform: No change to your PACS, many improvements and enhancements easy to add when you’re ready.

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Good news for PACS administrators! Carestream Clinical Collaboration Platform is designed to be future-proof. The latest versions of the Carestream platform, beginning with 12.x, are built around the same unified core architecture that makes it easy to upgrade, easy to add or change modules, easy to integrate with other systems (including your EHR and even legacy systems).




What to expect in 2017.

In 2017, you can expect to see new applications and improved functionality that build on the Carestream platform you already have installed. These will include new clinical applications in the PACS diagnostic client, such as advanced clinical perfusion, stroke analysis, and increased additions to our oncology workflow, plus a brand-new module designed to help you optimize your worklist around rule-based clinical priorities.   


Coming soon: Meet Vue PACS Orchestrator, our new workflow application.

The key to a quality reading workflow is understanding priorities. Clinical priorities are always shifting, depending on patient need, available radiologists, and the ability to send studies to a specialized radiologist in a timely manner. Carestream has developed an intelligent algorithm to make prioritizing workflow automatic once the rules have been articulated. A rule-based worklist priority can increase your department’s productivity as well as quality. Look for an announcement and more information about Orchestrator later in 2017.


The Carestream Clinical Collaboration Platform allows you to capture, manage, archive, and collaborate. It’s a complete suite of independent, but integrated, modules that let you work with images from virtually any source and access them locally or from any location. Even if your organization purchased only one of the modules—without any of the many options—you have the foundation to add any or all of them. And your Carestream PACS includes a unified core that can image enable your entire enterprise. It is this architecture that makes the platform interoperable with any legacy system.


Merger ready.

And your Carestream platform is ready for mergers or acquisitions. In this crazy world, we know that change is the norm, and your Carestream Clinical Collaboration Platform was developed to scale. Whether your organization is acquiring facilities with which you need to share images or you are being acquired, your Carestream platform can be the driver of integration or easily integrate into an existing ecosystem.


When you add new services, you can easily expand your Carestream platform. We offer the tools to accommodate oncology, MSK, cardiology, mammography (including DBT), and others. And if you should have to interface with a new EHR, we can help you embed a universal viewer to provide image access throughout the enterprise.

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