Coordinated, Productive, Connected: welcome to the new era with @ORCHESTRATOR WORKFLOW #RSNA17

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Do you need to deliver automatically deliver the most urgent studies to the most qualified radiologists?

Carestream’s @Orchestrator can provide you the best solution.

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Nov. 2 — Manage patient-centered workflows anywhere by synchronizing databases across different departments, vendors and locations thanks to Orchestrator.

With a few simple gestures, a symphony conductor brings the many instruments in an orchestra into harmony, to have a unified, compelling performance. That’s the spirit behind the Workflow Orchestrator: it is a workflow management solution for the data center thanks to users can read studies based on subspecialty and organize a peer review process to elevate the quality of diagnosis.

@Carestream Health will demonstrate its new zero footprint Workflow Orchestrator that can enable greater productivity, quality and collaboration for radiology reading workflows at the #RSNA17 in Chicago. These modules are currently available for order and are expected to begin shipping in the first quarter of 2018. Orchestrator lets users automate the creation, monitoring, and deployment of resources in their environment to expedite reading and reporting so that appropriate treatment can be given as quickly as possible. “We are helping to change and improve the way radiology exams are read by managing workflows according to the desires of each healthcare provider” said @Ludovic D’Aprea, Carestream’s General Manager for Healthcare Information Solutions.

The quality module offers comprehensive management reports for peer review, while the communication module enhances collaboration through use of chat capabilities, alerts and screen sharing for radiologists, technologists and onsite physicians. Worklists can be also categorized by type and user profiles contain subspecialty, main location and credentials.

This is a #solution that can change and improve at the same time the world of radiology, and according to @Ludovic D’Aprea, “Instead of radiologists looking for an exam to read, images are now addressed to the most appropriate radiologist as dictated by their qualifications and the preferences of each healthcare provider”. The new Workflow Orchestrator’s imaging analytics, together with Carestream’s native multimedia reporting capabilities and advanced machine learning algorithms integrated from a third party, because Orchestrator’s productivity module directs imaging exams first to appropriate clinical subspecialists, and then to all available radiologists as needed to satisfy desired turnaround times. Exams also can be assigned to specific radiologists according to a referring physician’s preference and existing affiliations with hospitals or healthcare facilities.

Don’t miss Carestream’s presentation of the demonstration of Orchestrator and discover how to improve efficiency with a paperless workflow and global worklist. To discover more about the product see  click here!